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Humane Wildlife Control Solutions
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Why Choose CritterSafe?
Critter Control 25th Anniversary
The professional staff at CRITTER CONTROL includes biologists, zoologists, wildlife managers, animal control officers and anti-cruelty personnel with over 30 years experience developing and employing humane animal and pest removal standards.
We care about wildlife and you! Our mantra is ‘Protecting People, Property and Wildlife,’ and CritterSafe eco-friendly animal removal techniques require special tools and training:
• All technicians providing CritterSafe services are Certified Wildlife Specialists

• All exclusion materials and repairs carry a warranty against re-entry

• All wildlife control and removal is non-lethal

• Optional annual warranty coverage is available

• We are fully licensed and insured

• CritterSafe environmentally friendly animal control techniques are recommended by leading animal welfare and animal advocacy groups

• We abide by strict health and safety standards
Critter Control Humane Animal Solutions