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Humane Wildlife Control Solutions
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Humane Wildlife Control Got Critters? Raccoons, Bats, Rats Opossum, pigeon, skunk, squirrel, mole, snake
Services Performed
• Species-specific no-trap animal removal techniques featuring one-way doors and excluders

• Humane animal handling, safe harborage and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings

• The use of eco-friendly animal repellents and deterrent techniques to discourage return

• Professional grade animal proofing: animal entry and exit holes, identified problem areas, roof vents, chimneys, plumbing-vent pipes, exhaust vents, decks, porches, garages, etc.

• Consumer awareness and education regarding follow-up procedures

Pre-construction Wildlife Land Clearing guidelines for the responsible management of wildlife affected by land clearing and habitat modification
CritterSafe by Critter Control is the environmentally friendly animal removal alternative for residential and commercial property owners not satisfied with traditional options for property damaging wildlife. Our CritterSafe exclusion, no-trap wildlife removal and onsite release wildlife services utilize humane wildlife handling techniques that go the extra mile to protect wild animals.
Critter Control Humane Animal Solutions